Patient support

Visit our patient and carer website.

The NAC patient and carer website is a hub for all the support activities organised by NAC staff, including Facebook groups, a weekly Zoom meeting, monthly talks for patients & carers,  World Aspergillosis Day.

It is also a depot for all the advice and practical tips gathered from discussions between patients around the world, from how to survive Christmas to producing sputum samples to which kind of nebuliser to buy.


We wrote an introductory booklet for people with aspergillosis in September 2018 translated it into three languages. You can download these leaflets (and a few others we made) by clicking on the links below.

Reduce the risk of Aspergillus (English)  (Russian)  (Chinese) (French)

Latest Aspergillus Website leaflet

Check your drug Interactions

Education and resources from the Manchester Fungal Infection Group